Which country is the easiest to get a driver's license? (2024)

Which country is the easiest to get a driver's license?

1: Mexico – Learn to Drive Score, 9.48/10

What country is the easiest to get driving license?

With that in mind, here are the three easiest countries for getting your driver's license, according to our research:
  1. Canada. Topping the list of easiest countries is Canada. ...
  2. Australia. ...
  3. New Zealand.
Aug 25, 2023

Where is the easiest place to get license?

According to expert opinion, there are many countries across the European Union where passing your test is not difficult, including Greece, Moldova and Belarus. Looking further afield, it is also apparently very easy to pass your driving test in Pakistan, India, Mexico, Honduras and Egypt.

Where is the easiest place to pass a driving test?

17 people took their driving test in the Isle of Mull between 2019 and 2020 and all but two passed. That means it had a success rate of 88%. It's a similar story for other minor test centres. Scotland's Isle of Tiree and Inveraray, as well as the Isles of Scilly off the coast of Cornwall, all have pass rates over 80%.

What countries don't accept US drivers license?

Your U.S. driver's license isn't enough in Asia, either, with places like Japan, Thailand, and South Korea requiring an IDP. Other countries, like China, recognize none of the international permits. You will not be allowed to drive or rent a car in China without obtaining a Chinese driver's license.

What is the hardest country to get a driver's license?

The most difficult tests to pass
  • Japan. Learners in Japan are expected to attend a mandatory driving camp for 26 hours. ...
  • China. In China, the theory test contains 100 questions and requires you to memorise 1,000 in total. ...
  • Croatia. ...
  • Montenegro. ...
  • Ukraine.

Which country has toughest driving rules?

Top three strictest countries for road rules
  • Colombia/Denmark – 5.84/10. Tying in third place was Colombia and Denmark, who both scored 5.84/10. ...
  • Norway – 7.09/10. Norway was ranked as the strictest country on our list, with a total score of 7.09/10 on our index. ...
  • France – 5.94/10. ...
  • Colombia/Denmark – 5.84/10. ...
  • Norway – 7.09/10.
Oct 25, 2023

What state is the hardest to get a drivers license in?

In fact, a study by Siegfried & Jensen shows Washington is the hardest state in the nation to get a driver's license. The study's authors obtained information from each state DMV's official driver handbook and driver testing driving-tests.org and DMV.org.

Is it easy to get Licence in USA?

To get your driver's license in the U.S., you will need to pass two mandatory tests. The first is a written test to test your ability to understand U.S. motor vehicle laws. This is typically ~20 questions and can be prepared for with past test questions online.

Is it hard to get driving licence in UK?

The UK's driving test is among the most challenging in the world, with the current average pass rate standing at just 45.8%.

Which state has easiest driving test in USA?

Along with South Dakota, Ohio and Arkansas were rated easiest, with scores of 45 and 49, respectively. Road tests in South Dakota grade drivers on six driving maneuvers, the fewest in the nation.

Is UK driving test easy?

But passing your driving test can be both tricky and daunting, and less than half of all candidates pass the practical test first time. With that in mind, we've compiled this guide to give you some pointers and advice around how to pass your driving test.

Where is the hardest drivers test in the US ranked?

A new study done by Siegfried and Jensen revealed that Maryland ranks as the third-toughest U.S. state to pass your driving test. Washington ranked number one and Massachusetts ranked number two.

How does a U.S. citizen get an international driver's license?

To apply in person at a AAA Travel office.
  • Download and fill out an application (new tab), and bring it to your nearest AAA Travel office** (new tab).
  • Two original passport pictures (also available at AAA Travel offices**).
  • A valid U.S. driver's license.
  • Pay $20 USD permit fee and you're ready to go!***

Can you drive anywhere in the world with a U.S. license?

Many countries do not recognize a U.S. driver's license, but most accept an International Driving Permit (IDP) that you can get from the AAA (American Automobile Association) before you leave. IDPs may not be valid the whole time you stay abroad and/or may only be valid with a U.S. or local license.

Does the U.S. honor foreign drivers license?

You may drive a car in the United States for one year using an International Driver's Permit (IDP) and a driver's license from your home country. Getting an IDP is the simplest way to be licensed to drive in the United States. You must get your IDP in your home country before arriving in the United States.

Where are the nicest drivers in the US?

  • 5 states with best drivers. According to our survey data, these are the five states with the best driving behavior and least amount of aggressive driving.
  • Tennessee. Tennessee wins the crown of having the best drivers based on our survey data. ...
  • Oregon. ...
  • Arizona (tied) ...
  • Florida (tied) ...
  • Washington.
Aug 31, 2023

Which is the most powerful driving license in the world?

Just like with global passport power, the UK takes the crown with the most powerful (most transferable) driving licence in the world! You've made the decision to move abroad, and you're planning on driving in your new destination.

What is the cheapest country to get a driver's license?

The UK website worked out affordability against each country's average salary, concluding that Malta is the cheapest because the cost to acquire a driving licence absorbs the least amount of money out of the average annual salary.

Which country has the most expensive driving license?

The cost for getting a driver's license in Norway is exorbitant not because of license fees, but because of in-depth mandatory training combined with higher-than-average hourly rates for employees. As a result, Norway has one of the most expensive driver's license costs in the world.

What is the safest country to drive in the world?

Norway ranked the safest place to drive in the world.

What country has no driving laws?

In Haiti, there is no meaningful enforcement of any set of traffic rules. Virtually all road space could be called “shared” — pedestrians, motorcycles, and four-wheel vehicles use the same space everywhere; only the largest intersections have traffic lights; there are no crosswalks and almost no stop signs.

Where is the easiest place to get a driver's license in the US?

Getting a driver's license can feel like a daunting task in the United States, but Colorado is among the easiest states to get your license. With this guide, you can learn the steps to take and make sure you have all the paperwork required to easily obtain your driver's license in Colorado.

What state has the longest lasting drivers license?

Source: Associated Press | Graphic by Claire Caulfield/KJZZ

Even if you consider the requirement to update license photos every 12 years, Arizona still has the longest renewal period.

What state do drivers drive fastest?

It may come as no surprise that Texas retains its title as the speediest state, as it continues to lay claim to the nation's highest speed limit: 85 mph.


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