How are you the best response? (2024)

How are you the best response?

Good: “Good” is the most common answer to the question “How are you?” It is polite and cheerful. Well or very well: This answer is the most grammatically correct since the question "How are you?” should technically be answered with an adverb.

What should I say in response to you are the best?

A few common responses to compliments are "you're welcome", "no problem", "my pleasure" or "glad I could help". The best of all is " My Pleasure".

What is a good best response?

“I'm alright.

They've likely sent you “What's good?” to make sure you're doing all right. Be honest (if you're comfortable), and then tell them how much you appreciate their kindness. “Could be better, but thanks for asking.” “That's nice of you to ask!

How do you give a perfect reply?

Make your response genuine and sweet by saying things like this:
  1. "Thanks - that's nice of you to say."
  2. "I appreciate you saying that."
  3. "That's nice to hear."
  4. "That's very sweet."
  5. "You actually just made my day amazing by saying that."

What is positive reply?

A positive response to something indicates agreement, approval, or encouragement. positively adverb [ADVERB after verb]

What does it mean you are the best?

It means they think you're amazing, usually. Unless they sounded sarcastic, they probably just think you're a cool person. If you were flirting with this person, think they have feelings for you, or they used a romantic/flirty tone when saying this, they could be trying to make a romantic advance.

How do you respond to a flirty text?

flirty responses you could use:
  1. "Is it hot in here or is it just you?"
  2. "I can't stop thinking about you...hope that's okay."
  3. "You have a great sense of humor. ...
  4. "You always make me smile, even when I don't want to."
  5. "I'm really enjoying getting to know you. ...
  6. "I have a feeling you're trouble, but I can't stay away."
Mar 18, 2023

Which is better response or reply?

"Reply" is probably better when you're texting your friends like, "Please reply to the invitation by tomorrow." Sounds much more natural. "Respond" would be good at work when you're using like work email for something or when you're on the phone as well. Using this is much better for business situations.

How do you respond smartly?

So here are some of things that you could do to be confident and sound smart while having a conversation with people.
  1. Keep your cool. ...
  2. Try not to add unrelated topics to your conversation. ...
  3. Make eye contact with the listener. ...
  4. Stand/Sit straight. ...
  5. Speak with an audible tone. ...
  6. Speak what's relevant.
Apr 22, 2017

What are examples of a positive review?

Here are 10 positive review examples from satisfied customers:
  • “I could not be happier with my results. ...
  • “Quick service & very trustworthy. ...
  • “Took care of my insurance needs. ...
  • “Jon and the entire Valley Roofing Staff were very professional and were great to work with. ...
  • “Amazing car buying experience! ...
  • “Carlos was the best!

What is an example of reply?

Examples of reply in a Sentence

She replied to the accusation with a stack of documents proving her innocence. He replied politely that he felt a little better. Noun A timely reply will be appreciated. The invitations have been sent, but we haven't received any replies yet.

When a guy says you are the best?

With friends, it may mean an acknowledgment or appreciation for what you've done. If a guy is wooing you, he may mean that he has found you to be the best girl for him. But it may also mean something else, especially if you've done him a huge favor or help.

When a girl says you are the best?

When a girl tells you that you're the best, it generally means that she holds you in high regard and appreciates you for something specific. The context and tone of the conversation can provide additional insights into what she means.

When a guy says you feel so good?

It's mean he is in love you or like you a lot. Feeling good is general words and can be saying after good workout, meal, conversation and many other things. In relationships “feeling so good” includes mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual satisfaction.

What text will make him chase you?

How to Make a Guy Chase You over Text
  • 1 Talk about what you're doing that day.
  • 2 Keep some details about your life to yourself.
  • 3 Ask him thoughtful questions about himself.
  • 4 Send a fun picture of your location.
  • 5 Text him the song you're listening to.
  • 6 Send him a funny meme.
  • 7 Give him some sincere compliments.

How do you flirt smoothly over text?

Show genuine interest in them, their hobbies, and what they want to talk about. Gauge their sense of humor and be funny enough to create a relaxed conversation. Give genuine compliments about their personality or accomplishments. Stay brief and positive to keep the conversation engaging and light.

How to tease your crush?

Tease them gently about something they're good at/confident about. If your crush is a star athlete, try saying, "So how many extra goals is your team going to score when they don't have you on the field?" Or, you could say, “With the high grades you get, I'm starting to wonder if you're bribing the teachers!”

Is no response the best response?

Sometimes, no response is much better than a response. However, there's no rule to this. If you find it challenging to deal with a blunt “no,” then no response may be much better than a response for you. This is because when they refuse to reply to you, you can easily make excuses for their behavior in your mind.

Can I say thank you for your response?

Is it correct to say, 'Thank you for your reply'? Absolutely! It's both professional and polite to thank someone for their reply, so don't shy away from making a habit of it.

What are reply questions?

Reply Questions: These questions invite a response or reply from the listener. They are used to elicit information or engage the other person in the conversation. For example:Statement: "What did you think of the movie?"Reply Question: "Did you like.

How do you avoid questions without lying?

10 Ways to Avoid Answering a Question
  1. No comment.
  2. I'm not at liberty to say. (= I don't have permission to give the information)
  3. Wait and see. ...
  4. Let me get back to you. ...
  5. I'm sorry, that's confidential.
  6. I'm sorry, that's personal.
  7. I'd rather not talk about it.
  8. It's none of your business.

What is intelligent answer?

1. [more intelligent; most intelligent] : having or showing the ability to easily learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations : having or showing a lot of intelligence.

How do you use positive reply in a sentence?

"positive reply" is a correct and usable phrase in written English. You can use it when you are responding to someone in a positive manner. For example, "Thanks for considering my request. I appreciate your positive reply.".

What is positive and negative response?

Negative Response

When the response generated by plants against a stimulus is towards the stimulus, the response is called a positive response. When the response generated by plants against a stimulus is away or not in favour of the stimulus, the response is called a negative response.

How do you use respond positively in a sentence?

Most of the engineers he came into contact with could not help but respond positively to his human touch. People respond positively when it shows that you care.


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