USSSA WORLDS (2024) - Las Vegas, NV - USSSA Nevada Slowpitch USSSA /GSL (2024)

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Event Start & End Date:September 5th-8th

Start Time: Projected start will be Thursday as early as 8am.

Men's E & D will start on Thursday.

Entry, Dropout & Roster Deadline:Entry fee is $475. Payment deadline for the 2024 USSSA Mne’s E & D World Championship is August 25th. Morning of August 26th, we will remove unpaid teams (PENDING list) from the event. PAID teams will be placed under the PAID team list. Payment methods are, Venmo @utah-usssa. If you use Venmo, please include your team name, division, and event date in the payment notes.

Please verify payment status viaPAID/PENDINGteam lists

If you already paid, but the system doesn't show you as paid, please text Tim ASAP @ 801-916-9400. In the text share your team name, division, event date, date payment was sent, and payment method used. I'll track it down for you and correct the payment status.


Entry Fee:$475. Payment methods are, Venmo @utah-usssa . If you use Venmo, please include your team name, division, and event date in the payment notes. If a team needs help with getting the payment to process online, please contact[emailprotected]

PLEASE NOTE: We have max team caps for each PAID division. Must pay entry to be officially entered. If we sell out our PAID division and your team is stillPENDING, the team will be moved to our WAITLIST division. Please do not wait until the deadline because this event will sell out.

If you are owed a paid entry from a Director, please notify them ASAP to take care of it.

Brackets:Brackets will be released on August 30th around NOON PST. If there are any release delays, I'll send everyone an email.

Big League Dreams Las Vegas website:

Rules & By-Laws:

Bat/Testing:Bats must have a 240 USSSA thumbprint stamp. We will be testing bats and stickering passed bats. Failed bats will be returned after team bat testing has concluded. Teams must arrive ONE HOUR before their first game for testing. TWO team representatives must bring ALL the team bats at one time for testing. To speed up our testing processa MAX of20 bats per team will be tested.Before leaving the testing area, representatives must notify our staff of late arrivals (max 3 late arrivals allowed up to your 20 bat max). Do not leave the testing area without verifying the staff member records your late arrival(s). Broken stickered bats may be replaced, but player will only get one test for a replacement bat.

All 220 USSSA Stamped bats are also banned.

Ball:Men's teams will receive TWOTBD stamped slow pitch softballs during team check-in. Back up balls can be purchased at our check-in area for $75 a dozen. Teams can supply their own back up balls but MUST be an TBD Mens ball ) If a team throws in a ball not approved for use for this event, the umpire will remove the ball from play and issue a warning to the team. Second offense in the game will result in the batter being out and manager being ejected from the game. Pitcher must identify approved ball for this event prior to pitching the ball or request umpire assistance with identifying the ball.

Format:DOUBLE ELIMINATION BRACKET. Teams were seeded based onCLASS POINTS.

Game Time:This is a World event so scheduled game time is forfeit time. Please help us stay on-time. Teams must be at the field ready to play30 minutesprior to the team's scheduled start time after the first game. If a team is not ready to play as early as30 minutesprior to scheduled start time after the first game, the team will forfeit the game. The only exception is if a team is playing back-to-back games and coming from another field.

Time Limit:There is no time limit, but umpires will stay on top of keeping the games on pace. Please hustle in and out between innings. Mercy rule is in effect. Game ends after 7 innings with the exception of a mercy or extra innings.

Rosters:Rosters must be entered ONLINE and players participating in the event must be listed as ELIGIBLE on the online roster. The system will require players to exist in the player database before a manager can add them. If the system gives you an error message"NO PLAYER CAN BE ADDED BY A MANAGER THAT CURRENTLY DOES NOT EXIST IN THE DATABASE. TO HAVE THIS PLAYER ADDED PLEASE CONTACT YOUR STATE DIRECTOR", please contact your State Director to assist you with adding new players to the database. If you are unable to reach your State Director, please email [emailprotected]for assistance.

Required information for adding new players to the database:

TEAM NAME (in email subject field)




Please send all player database add requests in ONE email. We will not add any new player to the player database without ALL the requested info above. Players NOT listed under the ELIGIBLE PLAYER online roster list will not be allowed to play including PENDING APPROVAL (INELIGIBLE) players.

ADDING FORMER PLAYERS: adding FORMER players functionality is working. Please verify player was added to your online roster after using FORMER player function. If you run into an issue where the system gives you a message a player was added but the player in reality was not added, PLEASE ADD PLAYER AS A NEW PLAYER.

PLAYERS ON ANOTHER TEAM ROSTER: If you get an error "Player not permitted to play on more than one team for teams program", the player is responsible to contact the manager of a team and have themself exceptions.


Select ADULT PLAYERS to login

ONLY IF forgot login info: Select FORGOT USERNAME/PASSWORD

After you add your players, you must ask all your players to log into their player profile and sign the online National Waiver (once per year if applicable) and approve the team invite in order to become an ELIGIBLE PLAYER. Players will NOT receive a notification to complete the online player ELIGIBILITY process unless they are NEW to the player database. Players have the option to DENY an invite within their online profile as well as managers have the ability to remove players from their roster. If a player can't remember their login info, they can reset their password at the login page

If a player runs into an issue logging in or getting through the ELIGIBILITY process, they can contact their State Director or email[emailprotected]for assistance. I need their team name, division, bday and email address. Please note: PENDING (INELIGIBLE) players will not be allowed to play.

Player Protests:You may protest the identity of a player to verify whether they are listed on the online roster as ELIGIBLE/PENDING. Protest feeper playeris $100 cash. If the protest is valid, the protestor will get their money back and the illegal team will be DQ'd. During a player protest we will also search for multiple player profiles. The profile with the highest PRV will be considered the player rating and will be taken into consideration during the player protest. Please make sure the roster is 100% 72 hours prior to the event. Tim or Chuck can assist teams that can't find any help within their State.

Managers Meeting:Manager meeting will be via ZOOM. Invite will be sent out to managers.

Team Check In:Manager must check-in before the first game at the Director Area in the Pro Shop by the entrance. Teams will need to verify their final roster and receive two game balls.

Park Address: Big League Dreams - Las Vegas, Nevada- 3151 E. Washington Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89101 - (702) 642-4448

Park Gate Fee:$10 per person per day

Mask Mandate:No mask manadates at BLD.

Live Streaming:TBA


1st Place - Team Award, 15 Semi-Custom GSL Champion rings (w/ team name and player name), World MVP, Defensive MVP, All-World Manager, 6 All-World Medals

2nd Place - Team Award, Offensive MVP, 4 All-World Medals

3rd Place - Team Award, 3All-World Medals

4th Place - Team Award, 2 All-World Medals

USSSA WORLDS (2024)  - Las Vegas, NV - USSSA Nevada Slowpitch USSSA /GSL (2024)


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