The Best Rocket League Discord Servers in 2022 (2024)


What are the best discord servers in Rocket League? Find out the top 10 rocket league discords and what they are for. LFG aka finding teammates, communities, trading and more.

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The Best Rocket League Discord Servers in 2022 (3)

There is no one size-fits all answer to this question, as the best Rocket League Discord will heavily depend on your personal preferences and needs. So, what types of Rocket League Discord Servers are there?

Generally there are 4 types of Rocket League Discord servers:

  • Rocket League LFG
  • Official Rocket League
  • Content Creators
  • Trading (Skin trading, market analysis)

Rocket League LFG

LFG in Rocket League means "Looking For Group or Looking For Game." So if you're eager to find some teammates to play with, than this should be the type of Rocket League discord server to join.

Official Rocket League

The name speaks for itself, the official rocket league discord server is developer-run and is a reliable way to find accurate information about coming changes and interact with the developer team of Psyonix.

Content Creators

These are Rocket League discord servers setup to act as an platform for infleuncers think of Rocket League Streamers and or Youtubers like for example; SunlessKhan to interact with their fans more directly.

Rocket League Skins Buy / Sell and Trading

All I can say, be very wary of skin trading on external websites, or via discord servers. We at, don't allow skin trading on any of our platforms and would recommend to only use official channels to obtain your skins.

🏆The Best Rocket League Discord Server in 2022

Discord is one of the most popular chat platforms among gamers. It's easy to use and has a wide range of features that make it perfect for gaming communities. That's why many Rocket League players use Discord to find games and connect with other players.

The Rocket League LFG Discord we recommend is (of course 😎)



If you're new to using Discord for Rocket League LFG, don't worry - it's easy to get started. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Use the invite URL:
  2. Accept the terms and conditions
  3. Read the rules and press ''complete''
  4. Select your role, in this case ''Rocket League'' (We have other games as well; Valorant, CS:GO, Apex, and Fortnite)
  5. Done!

Note: to be eligible to join, you must have a verified phone number on your discord account and it is required that your account is at least older than one day. (This helps us keep our discord server free from spammers, annoying bots, etc.)

The two most important channels;

  • Play Now Rocket League
  • LFG Rocket League


Use this channel to post here if you're looking for a group or duo to play Rocket League with now. You can either type that you're looking to play now or be a chad by signing up for teams and using the website to have this automated and find players that are in your region, match your skill, etc.



So, whether you're looking to play duo or trio use the website to find teammates, or click on + | duo or + | trio voice channels to create your own and wait for someone to hop in.


This channel is meant for people who are looking for a group, to play Rocket League with on a more permanent basis. In addition, it can also be used for Rocket League Teams who are looking to complete their line-up or need a backup player for their team. You will need an account to use this feature, once you register your profile will appear in the chat once. If you would like to bump your profile you can simply type !lfg in chat and you're profile will appear.



Once you're all set up, you might discover that going to the website is a lot easier. If you still haven't done so have a look at what you're missing out on:



Going to the discovery page will show you a list of potential teammates that you can connect with, once connected you can message them via the website and start playing together!

So it kind of works like Tinder, but for finding Rocket League teammates and it's not a dating site. And...let's be honest, the swiping on those apps is exhausting, our discovery page will eliminate the tedious process of scrolling through endless player catalogs, and posting on forums or various discord servers.

All you have to do is connect with a player, sent a message, and start playing. Good luck! If you need any help use the #help channel on our discord or shoot us an email: [emailprotected].

So is free to use?
Yes, it's free. Paying isn't even an option anywhere on the site.

Top Rocket League Discord Servers:

🏆 - Members: 19,000 / Language: English
An algorithm that lets you find your ideal teammates in Rocket League, yeah F**K Solo Queue. Find teammates on
🥇Rocket League - Members: 572,000 / Language: English
The official, developer-run discord server for Rocket League! 500.000 Rocketeers strong and growing.
🥈SunlessKhan Discord - Members: 72,000 / Language: English
Official discord of Content Creator Sunlesskhan and why he sucks. (His own words!)
🥉Trade Central | Rocket League - Members: 91,000 / Language: English
The best trading server on discord! With our trusted middleman system you can trade safely here!
4️⃣Rocket League Hub - Members: 50,000 / Language: English
An active community for Rocket League LFG, trading, giveaways, tournaments, coaching and more!
5️⃣Rocket League Insider - Members: 372,000 / Language: English
Home of the community. #1 Discord for Rocket League trading and market Analysis
6️⃣Musty's Cowmunity - Members: 63,900 / Language: English
Musty's is a server for not just Rocket League, but gaming and talking about anything.
7️⃣[RL+] Rocket League Plus - Members: 146,000 / Language: English
🚀 ROCKET LEAGUE · 🎉 Giveaways · 🛒 Trading 🔐 Middlemen · 📈 Ranks, Shops & More · 📅 Events
8️⃣Rocketment - Members: 25,000 / Language: German
Wir sind Rocketment! Auf unserem Discord gibt es oft Gewinnspiele & wir veranstalten Rocket League Turniere für jeden Rank! Sei dabei!
9️⃣Rocket League Germany - Members: 35,000 / Language: German
Wir sind Rocket League Germany & wünschen euch viel Spaß & Freude. Egal ob Anfänger oder Pro hier findest du immer Mitspieler.
🔟Rocket League Garage - Members: 51,000 / Language: English
Official RL Garage / Discord server. Everything Rocket League Trading, Daily Item Shops & Fantasy RLCS

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The Best Rocket League Discord Servers in 2022 (2024)


The Best Rocket League Discord Servers in 2022? ›

Come hang out with the biggest Rocket League community on Discord! Our developer-run Discord has channels for chatting, LFG, in-game trading, car customization, Rocket League Esports, and more! Bring a positive attitude, and a passion for Soccar.

Is there a Rocket League Discord server? ›

Come hang out with the biggest Rocket League community on Discord! Our developer-run Discord has channels for chatting, LFG, in-game trading, car customization, Rocket League Esports, and more! Bring a positive attitude, and a passion for Soccar.

Which Rocket League server should I use? ›

When playing Rocket League, it's best to choose the region closest to you. Choosing regions that are farther away may lead to lag and packet loss. Choosing Recommended selects the closest region and generally the one with the best connectivity.

Which Discord server is the best? ›

In this article, we're going to look at the best Discord servers for money, gaming, and friendship.
  • Study Together.
  • Study With Me.
  • ChillZone.
  • The Vent.
  • Lofi Girl.
Feb 22, 2024

What is the current biggest Discord server? ›

In 2023, the server for Midjourney reached over 15 million members, making it the largest server on Discord. Starting October 2017, Discord allows game developers and publishers to verify their servers. Verified servers, like verified accounts on social media sites, have badges to mark them as official communities.

What is the largest Discord server for RL? ›

Featuring over 190,000 members, Rocket League Sideswipe is the largest Discord server for anyone looking to find new gaming buddies for the mobile version of Rocket League.

What is the rocket ship on Discord? ›

Next time you're hanging out in Voice chat in either a Server or DM call, you'll see a new Rocket Ship icon right next to your Video and Screen Share buttons. Picking it will present you with all the Activities on offer. Just pick one to get started. The new Rocket Ship button is ready to launch (your Activity).

Where are RL servers? ›

Region MapServer NameHosted Regions
US-WestUSWCalifornia, USA Nevada, USA
US-CentralUSCIllinois, USA Iowa, USA Dallas, Texas, USA
EuropeEUNetherlands France Germany Italy Belgium
Asia SE-MainlandASCTaiwan Hong Kong
8 more rows

What is a good ping for Rocket League? ›

You should take action to lower your ping if it exceeds 100. There are some common reasons that lead to rocket league ping issues, such as bad internet connection, and rocket league server problems.

What is the #1 Discord server? ›

The platform allows users to create or join thematic communities called servers, and as of April 2024, the Midjourney server was the most popular community on Discord, with over 19.9 million members.

Is Discord safe for 12 year olds? ›

Common Sense Media also recommends that Discord users be at least 13 due to its open chat. Because it's all user-generated, there's the potential for plenty of inappropriate content, like swearing and graphic language and images (though it's entirely possible to belong to a group that forbids these).

Which is better than Discord? ›

Slack. Slack is often touted as one of the best team chat software. It's better than Discord in terms of the integrations it offers. Unlike Discord, Slack integrates with various third-party tools like Trello, GitHub, MailChimp, and many others.

What Discord server has 1 million members? ›

Leading Discord gaming servers among users worldwide as of April 2024, by number of members
CharacteristicNumber of members
Blox Fruits1,749,999
Genshin Impact Official1,612,782
All Stars1,178,354
8 more rows
Apr 30, 2024

Why is it called Discord? ›

Initially, it's because the name sounds cool. That's how many startups get their names. Then they get the marketing team to think up a way to justify the name by creating a story that “our app solves for discord sown by disparate voices” or “we take up the slack caused by team miscommunication.”

Who is the CEO of Discord? ›

Today, I'm talking to Jason Citron, the co-founder and CEO of Discord, the gaming-focused voice and chat app.

How do you get the rocket in Discord? ›

Rocket is a slash command bot to start new Discord voice channel activities. Just add the bot and use /activity on your server, and you can select a voice channel and the activity to open.

How to stream Rocket League on Discord? ›

To start a live stream on Discord, join a voice channel on your server or a friend's server and click the share screen button in the screen's bottom left corner. This will open a new window where you can choose which screen or window your game is running on.

How to get unbanned from the Rocket League Discord server? ›

You can get around the Rocket League Discord ban by appealing it to the server moderators. However, if that doesn't work, it's possible to get a VPN and create a new Discord account. Just download a VPN and connect to a server.

Can you get banned for using a bot in Rocket League? ›

This banwave should cover the vast majority of accounts that have used bots since they first appeared in online matches towards the end of 2022.” Connors continues, confirming that the team does have the capability to monitor for third-party bots and that offending accounts will continue to be banned.


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