The 15 Best Places for Breakfast Food in Amsterdam (2024)


Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Breakfast Spot · Oude Pijp · 478 tips and reviews

Jesse Ridder:My favourite place to eat breakfast food in Amsterdam. Navajo Eggs are insanely delicious. Add spice with a great Bloody Mary.

Seda Ç.:Best breakfast place of Amsterdam!!

Daria Tryashina:Amazing place! great coffee- both black and with milk, try their special green mocha latte. egg breakfasts are delicious, try Vege Brekkie - can't go wrong)



Singel 103, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Café · Kuip · 300 tips and reviews

Justin Campbell:The best soda bread ever! Great cup of English tea with a full English breakfast!!

Olivina:Best English breakfast in Amsterdam!

Deniz D.:This place is heaven for breakfast lovers. They serve the best English breakfast all day long.

3.Pancakes Amsterdam


Berenstraat 38, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Creperie · Grachtengordel-West · 229 tips and reviews the Dutch pancakes, if you haven't had them before, or opt for one of the 'global pancakes', such as French crepes, American breakfast pancakes or Russian blinis.

Eva Triantafillou:Really tastefull pancakes! Try the sweet with mapple syrup and powder sugar and the pancake with bacon, cheese, tomato and oregano!

Carla:Add ice cream to the Apple pancake, it's simple and perfect :)

LukaSH:The best breakfast in town, no doubt about it! Get the Kiwi Breakfast (photo) or the Chorizzo Sweet potato. Heaven!

Razvan Miu:The food is great and fresh and it's prepared very carefully. The best breakfast brunch you can get in the city! Expect waiting time on weekends or lunch time during the week.

Daphne Ko:Favorite breakfast spot in Amsterdam so far. Really attentive service, good and healthy selection of food and AMAZING cakes.

5.Greenwoods Keizersgracht


Keizersgracht 465 (Leidsestraat), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Breakfast Spot · Grachtengordel-Zuid · 235 tips and reviews

Olga Kulikova:The best English breakfast in Amsterdam. Scones with butter are delicious. And for the tea lovers - big collection of different teas (try jasmine!)

Teo Georgoulis:Best english breakfast in town, next to the canal, excellent on a sunny day

Kerem Uzer:May be the best breakfast of my life. Eggs benedict & mega club are delicious

6.Omelegg - City Centre


Nieuwebrugsteeg 24 (warmoesstraat), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Breakfast Spot · Amsterdam Centrum · 372 tips and reviews

Zeynep Tugsuz:very nice waiters and very very nice breakfast... was the most delicious omelette we had and there is many different options, greek is the safest one for turkish people

Marianna R:Great breakfast spot all about the eggs. Don't forget you can get the eggs the way you like it and not only omelette! Lots of meal varieties, good coffee. Waiting line outside. Always.

Riddhi Shah:Delicious place for breakfast while in Amsterdam. Location is close to Central station. There’s usually a wait but the place is efficient and moves quickly. Highly recommend this place.

7.Omelegg - De Pijp


Ferdinand Bolstraat 143 (Ceintuurbaan), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Breakfast Spot · Nieuwe Pijp · 390 tips and reviews

Ioanna A:The best place for breakfast or lunch! We spend all 3 mornings we stayed in Amsterdam there! Try the Feta omelegg! "Like" the perfect moustaches the guys working there have! A must try of Amsterdam!

sophia chi:Excellent place, staff and music selection! Best breakfast we had in Amsterdam! Banana-Peanut butter omelette is a must!

Kay T:DELICIOUS omelets, portions are huge, served with bread and salad. They also have fresh juices. A perfect breakfast place! Prices for omelets from 6.50 euros

8.Pancakes Amsterdam Centraal


Prins Hendrikkade 48, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Creperie · Amsterdam Centrum · 95 tips and reviews

Marina:Really tasty pancakes! Loved the apple and cheese one - the apple is baked into the pancake and the cheese gets all crusty on top 👌🏻 bit of a wait for a table but we weren't disappointed in the end

Monica Saiz:Great pancakes! We tried the American. Huge size,barely could finish them! Maybe a bit overpriced, but still worth the visit and even the waiting time outside, next to the canal, even when it's cold❤️

Julia:Pancake with smoked chicken are amazing! For dessert try banana almond one :)


Ceintuurbaan 282-284, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Coffee Shop · Nieuwe Pijp · 415 tips and reviews

Yasmin V:This place is great for everything; breakfast, coffee, beers and dinner. Enjoy Coffee & Coconuts' beautiful spacious interior!

Chelsea Sargautis:Heaven is a place on earth and it's here. Great atmosphere, excellent coffee, killer coconut pancakes

Alvaro P.:Former Art Decó cinema now turned a coffee place with a breakfast menu to drool for. Don't miss out on the coconut pancakes with extra bacon: match made in heaven!

10.Dignita Restaurant


Koninginneweg 218H, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Café · Stadsdeel Zuid · 144 tips and reviews

Arnoud Aalbersberg:Reviews are right. Awesome lunch room! Poached eggs with avocado on the side is a must. Flat white is the best I ever had in non-specialty coffee bar. Book a seat in advance to avoid waiting!

Chris Weber:I can honestly say that was the best breakfast/brunch I ever had. Poached eggs, truffled mushrooms, ox cheek burger, grilled halloumi, avocado with pomegranate...great, great, great!!!

tigz de palma:delicious egg dishes & breakfast bowls. made from local, organic & free-range products. a relaxed vibe to enjoy tea or brunch anytime of day. the cakes are amazing, not too sweet. worth going often.



Taksteeg 7 (Kalverstraat), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Breakfast Spot · 114 tips and reviews

Jean-Paul Schaddé van Dooren:Best breakfast (eggs benedict royale!) and lunch spot in town. Delicious.

Patt Sukmongkol:Try the scrambled eggs, eggs benedict and pancakes, all of which are amazing. But leave room for some of the best cakes you will ever eat. Personal favorites are coconut/yoghurt and chocolate ganache.

Raghad:Cozy lovely place with delicious food and friendly service .. Try ; blueberries Pancakes , French toast , Scrambled eggs with herbs , Eggs Benedict with Parmesan cheese and spinach



Bosboom Toussaintstraat 60, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Breakfast Spot · Helmersbuurt · 128 tips and reviews

Celine Cassimon:Great breakfast and so filling! I tried the eggs benedict, which could use a little more sauce in my opinion, and the triple omega. Both so good!

Annelore W 🐙:Awesome breakfast options, come here for a great start of your day!

Dido:Delicious brunch, eggs benedict and banana pancakes are highly recommended. Friendly people, fast service! 👏🏻☕️

13.De Bakkerswinkel


Warmoesstraat 69, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Bakery · Amsterdam Centrum · 155 tips and reviews

Yasmina Mikou:Good brunch ! I loved my scrambled eggs with bacon and you had to order the carrot cake. I recommand to go for five o'clock tea as well, they have amazing pastries.

Jonathan Levy:Nice and chill breakfast spot, very spacious 😊

Esther Beckers:We love to come here for breakfast in the weekend. Nice atmosphere, yummie food and a play corner for the kids. Best come before 10am to get a seat

14.The Pancake Club


Leidsebosje 5, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Creperie · Vondelbuurt · 66 tips and reviews

Raven S.:The pancakes (crepes) are delicious!

Lisa Zaenglein:Awesome view and they have great proffertjes (little puffy pancakes). Make sure to order with an "extra" for a special experience (lemon curd) is great.

Reza Hosseini:Pancakes with cream, nutella, bananas, ice cream and strawberries 🍓

15.Scandinavian Embassy


Sarphatipark 34, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Coffee Shop · Oude Pijp · 216 tips and reviews

Sean McAvoy:Finest espresso in all the land. Also the best price/quality for breakfast in the area.

Mitch Bergmans:Everything rocks, from breakfast to lunch, from juices to coffee! Genuine fresh great taste and only the best quality. Amazing attention to detail...

Irina Leonidovna:Best poached eggs I ever had. Delicious food, all fresh, made in front of you if sitar the bar. Delicious coffee -espresso flat white cappuccino all great

The 15 Best Places for Breakfast Food in Amsterdam (2024)


What do people eat for breakfast in Amsterdam? ›

Dutch breakfast and lunch

As a basis we mostly eat bread, crackers or biscuits (beschuit). Popular toppings on bread and crackers are cheese, chocolate sprinkles, peanut butter, meat, jam and chocolate spread. Milk, coffee, juice and water are popular drinks to go with your food.

What food is a must in Amsterdam? ›

Here are the best Amsterdam foods everyone should try.
  • Stroopwafel. Taste Netherlands' popular sweet treat. ...
  • Bitterballen. Try deep-fried meatballs. ...
  • See also. 10 Best Parks in Amsterdam. ...
  • Dutch pancakes. Enjoy specialty pancakes. ...
  • Raw herring. Try Amsterdam's Infamous Fish. ...
  • Cheese. Enjoy classic Dutch delicacies. ...
  • Poffertjes. ...
  • Snert.

How much does it cost to have breakfast in Amsterdam? ›

Average price for a cooked breakfast with coffee etc Euro 10. Buffets at the big hotels 20-25 ! Amsterdam is very cosmopolitan as far as eating is concerned; almost every 'Bruin cafe' (bar) will provide a tasty and varied menu, often based on sandwiches.

What do Dutch people eat for breakfast? ›

Dutch people who prefer not to start their day with bread often choose yogurt or cereals, such as muesli or cornflakes with milk, yogurt or cottage cheese. For an extensive breakfast, many people cook or bake an egg (with bacon) and sugar bread or currant bread with almond paste is brought into the house.

What is good morning in Amsterdam? ›

Other common phrases when greeting someone is “Goedemorgen” ('Good morning'), “Goedendag” ('Good day'), “Goedenmiddag” ('Good afternoon') and “Goedenavond” ('Good evening).

What is Amsterdam signature dish? ›

Haring 'Hollandse Nieuwe'

Haring or 'Hollandse Nieuwe' (Dutch new herring) is probably the most famous Dutch food. If you like fish you should at least try it once. The raw herring is served together with chopped raw onions and gherkins. Also the way of eating is a real Dutch tradition.

What is the main drink in Amsterdam? ›

There are many drinks that can be described as typically Dutch, the best-known being beer and jenever, hugely popular both in the Netherlands and abroad.

What should you not miss in Amsterdam? ›

  • Amsterdam Classic Boat Cruise with Live Guide, Drinks and Cheese. ...
  • Van Gogh Museum Exclusive Guided Tour with Reserved Entry. ...
  • 2023. ...
  • All-Inclusive Amsterdam Canal Cruise by Captain Jack. ...
  • Countryside Bike Tour from Amsterdam: Windmills and Dutch Cheese. ...
  • Day Trip to Zaanse Schans, Edam, Volendam and Marken from Amsterdam.

Do you need cash in Amsterdam? ›

Using credit cards and debit cards in the Netherlands

Even if you're in a tourist area where your card is normally accepted, it's always a good idea to carry a small amount of cash. It's always wise to be wary of pickpockets though, especially in busy tourist destinations such as Amsterdam.

Do you tip in Amsterdam? ›

This one is pretty simple to answer – the Dutch do not have a tipping culture as strongly-ingrained as much of the English-speaking world. In a bar, restaurant, or private boat tour in Amsterdam, provided the service was good, a tip of around 10% is appreciated but not automatically expected.

How much is a cup of coffee in Amsterdam? ›

Dining Out in Amsterdam
FoodAverage Cost
Coffee€3.50 - €5.75
Sandwich€4 - €11
Lunch€8 - €15
Fast food€10 - €15
2 more rows

What is Dutch main dish? ›

Dutch Main Dishes

Stampot is a stew made from mashed potatoes and a variety of vegetables such as carrot, kale, spinach, onion or endive and commonly served with bacon or sausage.

What time is dinner in Amsterdam? ›

Dutch dinnertime is known for its earliness – beginning at anywhere from 17:00-19:00 – meaning most kitchens close around 21:00.

What do Dutch eat with cheese? ›

Edam and Alkmaar are also known for their cheese. Cheese is typically enjoyed with fresh bread. But you can also eat it plain or dip it in mustard. It's good enough to have as a meal on its own, and many Dutch folks do just that at lunch.

What is a Dutch breakfast specialty? ›

A Dutch breakfast is typically Continental in style and usually consists of a wide variety of cold cuts, cheeses and sweet toppings; such as chocolate spread, treacle, otherwise known as stroop, peanut butter and apple butter! Dutch cake for breakfast!

What are 3 traditional breakfast dishes? ›

From Waffles to French Toast: Classic Breakfast Recipes to Know...
  • Waffles.
  • French Toast.
  • Pancakes.
  • Dutch Baby Pancakes.
  • Scrambled Eggs.
  • Frittatas.
  • Savory Egg Casserole.
  • Sweet Breakfast Casseroles.
Nov 30, 2023

What is a traditional full breakfast? ›

The Traditional Full English Breakfast

A full English breakfast typically includes bacon, fried, poached or scrambled eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or buttered toast, and sausages. Black pudding, baked beans, and bubble and squeak are also often included.

What is a traditional European breakfast? ›

However, typical European breakfast dishes such as crepes, waffles, pancakes and pastries with sweet toppings are an excellent way to start the day, as they are quite pleasing to the palate. While typically associated with the first meal of the day, they're actually great any time!


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