PapyrusUtil - Modders Scripting Utility Functions (2024)

This version is for the original Skyrim
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1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installing
4. Uninstalling
5. Updating
6. Compatibility & issues
7. Credits
8. Changelog

1. Description

SKSE plugin that allows you to save any amount of int, float, form and string values on any form or globally from papyrus scripts. Also supports lists of those data types. These values can be accessed from any mod allowing easy dynamic compatibility.

PapyrusUtil.psc- version check & variable initialized arrays.
StorageUtil.psc- store variables and lists of data on a form that can be pulled back out using the form and variable name as keys. See psc file for documentation.
JsonUtil.psc- similar to StorageUtil.psc but saves data to custom external .json files instead of forms, letting them be customizable out of game and stored independent of a users save file.
ActorUtil.psc- actor package override.
ObjectUtil.psc- animation replacement.
MiscUtil.psc- some misc commands.

2. Requirements

SKSE 1.7.3 latest version:

3. Installing
Use mod manager or extract files manually.

4. Uninstalling
Remove the files you added in Installing step.

5. Updating
Just overwrite all files.

6. Compatibility & issues
Should be compatible with everything.

7. Credits
exiledviper - continued maintenance & refactoring of original plugin's source code
meh321 - original version and idea
SKSE team - for making this plugin possible
milzschnitte - for suggestions

8. Changelog

3.3 - 09/15/2016

  • JsonUtil New Functions:

Added arbitrary path functions to allow custom JSON formatting
JsonInFolder(string folder) to get array of JSON files that exist in a given folder

  • MiscUtil New Function:

ScanCellNPCsByFaction() to search cell for actors within a given faction

  • PapyrusUtil New Function:

GetScriptVersion() to get current installed script version, which might differ from GetVersion()'s DLL value depending on user's varied and/or bad mod installation.

  • Fixes:

Some fixes to JsonUtil file handling and missing values
Many other fixes I can't specifically remember at the moment

3.2 - 01/04/2016

  • Many fixes for various CTD and performance issues
  • JsonUtil New Functions:
    Unload() - Unloads a file from memory that has been used by JsonUtil, optionally saving changes first IsPendingSave() - Checks if the given Json file has been modified since it was last loaded/saved IsGood() - Checks if the given Json file is currently loaded or not and has no errors GetErrors() - Returns a formatted string of any Json parsing errors, if any JsonInFolder() - Returns an array of all Json files in a given directory.
  • StorageUtil New Functions:
    CountObj<type>Prefix() - counts the number of keys that start with string on a specific object ClearObj<type>Prefix() - removes any values with keys that start with string on a specific object
  • MiscUtil New Functions:
    FilesInFolder() - Returns an array of all files, or with a given extensions, contained in a folder. ScanCellActors() - Get an array of nearby actors in a cell matching criteria. ScanCellObjects() - Get an array of nearby objects of specific form type in a cell matching criteria. WriteToFile() - Readded after having removed in previous update. ReadFromFile() - Readded after having removed in previous update.

3.1 - 09/01/2015

  • Fixed a bug causing CTD during save load for some users.
  • Added Count<type>Prefix() to StorageUtil and JsonUtil - counts the number of keys that start with string
  • Added Clear<type>Prefix() to StorageUtil - removes any values with keys that start with string
  • Added Pluck<type>() to StorageUtil - gets a value and returns it, then removes it from storage.
  • Added Shift<type>List() to StorageUtil - gets the first value of a list and then removes it from that list.
  • Added Pop<type>List() to StorageUtil - gets the last value of a list and then removes it from that list.

3.0 - 08/21/2015

  • StorageUtil & JsonUtil Int/Float/String/FormListToArray()
  • Various new utility and array functions in PapyrusUtil.psc
  • Various other new functions I can't remember, mostly related to dealing with or returning arrays
  • Fixed various crash related bugs
  • Improved performance for many functions
  • REMOVED MiscUtil.WriteToFile(),ReadFromFile(),ExecuteBat() - Functions were largely unused, a security risk, and better accomplished by other means.

2.8 - 10/03/2014

  • Fixed critical bug causing StringListRemove to do exactly the opposite of what you want it to do
  • Fixed crash to desktop issue some users have experienced when plugin loads an external json files for reading
  • Added papyrus array initializing functions to PapyrusUtil.psc

2.7 - 09/09/2014

  • Added back package override saving.
  • Added AdjustInt/FloatValue() and Int/FloatListAdjust() functions to StorageUtil and JsonUtil, shortcut function for adjusting existing values +/- a given amount
  • Added a ClearAll() function to JsonUtil for emptying out an external json files contents.
  • Cleaned up various native functions to better check for proper arguments being passed to prevent potential crashes.

2.6 - 08/11/2014

  • Fixed bug causing crash/freeze when attempting to load a nonexistent external file.

2.5 - 08/08/2014

  • Rewrite of plugin source code
  • Added new JsonUtil script
  • ListSlice() function for copying list into a Papyrus array
  • ListCopy() function for copying a Papyrus array into a list
  • ListResize() function for changing the length of list
  • Various other bug fixes and minor new functions
PapyrusUtil - Modders Scripting Utility Functions (2024)


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