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"Brain-Nourishing" Overnight Oats With Blueberries + Almonds

"Brain-Nourishing" Overnight Oats With Blueberries + Almonds

Keri Glassman



healthy recipes




Emeril Lagasse's Chicken With Champagne + Garlic Is Pure Comfort

Emeril Lagasse's Chicken With Champagne + Garlic Is Pure Comfort

Emeril Lagasse

chicken thighs



comfort food


emeril lagasse

How to Make Skillet Chicken Thighs with Cerignola Olives and Potatoes |  Lidia Bastianich

How to Make Skillet Chicken Thighs with Cerignola Olives and Potatoes |  Lidia Bastianich

Lidia Bastianich

chicken thighs





Lidia Bastianich's One-Pan Chicken Thighs With Olives + Potatoes

Lidia Bastianich's One-Pan Chicken Thighs With Olives + Potatoes

Lidia Bastianich

chicken thighs





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"Brain-Nourishing" Overnight Oats With Blueberries + Almonds

Emeril Lagasse's Chicken With Champagne + Garlic Is Pure Comfort

Lidia Bastianich's Ricotta-Cherry Cookies are Moist, Easy + Delicious

Lidia Bastianich's One-Pan Chicken Thighs With Olives + Potatoes

Rach's Gluten-Free Carbonara With Spaghetti Squash, Not Pasta!

Healthy Sheet Pan Dinner: Turkey Meatloaf with Roast Broccoli

Tangy, Sweet + Pretty Purple Potato Salad With Lots of Herbs

Rachael Whips Up Crispy-Skinned Chicken Under a Brick for Mother's Day

Rach's Pork Loin + Potato Dinner in Honor of Dolly Parton

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Healthy + Easy Baked Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs

Rach's "Rich and Flavorful" Poblano-Black Bean Chili with Hominy

Rach's Easter Potato-Radish Side Dish Is SO Good + Easy!

Rach's Easy Easter Lamb Chops + Chicken With Herb Sauce

Rach's Sister Shares Her Super-Easy Pecan Pie Bars for Easter

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How to Make Skillet Chicken Thighs with Cerignola Olives and Potatoes |  Lidia Bastianich

How to Make Spaghetti Squash Carbonara | Rachael Ray

How to Make Turkey Meatloaf with Roasted Broccoli | Healthy Sheet Pan Dinner

How to Make Herby Purple Potato Salad

How to Make Chicken Under a Brick (Pollo alla Mattone) | Rachael Ray

How to Make Furikake Snack Mix | The Potash Twins

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Easy - Recipes, Stories, Show Clips + More | Rachael Ray Show (2024)


Why did the Rachael Ray show get cancelled today? ›

Rachael explained the decision in a statement to Deadline. She said, "In my more than 20-plus years in television, I have had 17 wonderful seasons working in daytime television with Rachael. However, I've made the decision that it is time for me to move on to the next exciting chapter in my broadcast career."

What are Rachel Rays cooking shows? ›

  • Rachael Ray's Meals in Minutes. 2024.
  • The Rachael Ray Show. 2023.
  • Rachael Ray's Rebuild. 2023.
  • Rachael Ray's Italian Dream Home. 2021.
  • Worst Cooks in America. 2018.
  • Rachael Ray's Kids Cook-Off. 2015.
  • Rachael Ray's 3 in the Bag. 2014.
  • Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. 2014.

Do contestants on cooking shows get to use recipes? ›

It's up to each contestant to memorise any recipes they hope to use on the show, as well as spend any spare time practising new techniques and dishes as the competition progresses. "We can't take recipes," Mupedzi tells Refinery29 Australia.

Why isn t Rachel Ray on Food Network anymore? ›

Then in May, Rachael Ray announced that she was moving on from “Rachael Ray” after 17 seasons to produce new stand-and-stir cooking shows in partnership with A+E Networks. “Food Network has a terrific formula — but they have a formula,” Ray said. “They like games, competitions, stuff like that.

What tragedy happened to Rachael Ray? ›

In fact, the entire family experienced a tragedy in 2013 when Ray's aunt died outside Ray's home, sparking a family feud. The 77-year-old Geraldine Dominica Scuderi was house-sitting for Ray in late November when she went outside to feed the birds and locked herself out of the home.

Who is Ray's husband? ›

What is Rachael Ray's most popular recipe? ›

In addition to being Cusimano's top choice, Ray's pasta carbonara is also a favorite of her many fans. In 2015, the chef released her Top 10 Favorite Recipes and the dish was listed in the top spot (via Rachael Ray Show).

Is Rachel Ray good at cooking? ›

When she says she's not a chef, Ray is pointing to the fact that she received no formal culinary instruction. Unfettered by the lack of a formal Culinary Arts credential, she has nonetheless carved out a significant spot for herself in the competitive world of TV chef celebrity.

Does Rachael Ray have a kitchen in her bedroom? ›

Ray's bedroom-kitchen mash-up space has not one but two islands: a larger one for gathering around and group tasks, and a smaller one for displays and single-chef duties. Hanging above the latter is a single pendant light, which, alongside wall sconces, really brightens up the space.

How is Rachael Ray doing? ›

Ray, 55, is also in a bit of a transition – her eponymous syndicated daytime talk show ended last July. Now she's on to that “next thing”: a production company called Free Food Studios, in which A&E Networks acquired a 50% stake. Ray reveals that she's developed six shows under the deal.

Where is Rachael Ray's new cooking show filmed? ›

According to Ray, she wrote 80 pages of recipes and production notes — in three days — for the new Tuscany show, which is being shot at her home in Sarteano, Italy. She splits her time among Italy, New York City and her home in Lake Luzerne, N.Y., in the Adirondack Mountains.

Why is Rachael Ray a chef? ›

Ray had experience in the kitchen from a young age, helping out in her family's restaurants in Cape Cod. In her early 20s she pursued her culinary aspirations in New York City, where she started out behind Macy's candy counter before managing its fresh foods department.

How long does it take Rachael Ray to cook a meal on her television show? ›

Ray focuses on creating meals in less than 30 minutes. Ray has also done two specials with the title Thanksgiving in 60, about preparing a Thanksgiving dinner in one hour. Each episode Ray opens the show by saying "Hi there, I'm Rachael Ray and I make 30-minute meals.

Do actors eat the food on TV shows? ›

From the strawberry frozen yogurt scene in “Seinfeld,” to the breakfast at Tiffany's in the (appropriately titled) “Breakfast at Tiffany's,” eating scenes in TV shows and movies are common fare. But although eating scenes might appear as organic as GMO-free produce, actors usually don't actually eat on camera.

Does anyone eat the food from cooking shows? ›

While leftover food from cooking shows can often be given to the rest of the crew to eat, hygiene protocols don't always allow that when a judge or cook has already eaten some, or when dishes have been sitting out too long during filming.


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