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About this mod

A new yet familiar take on the Alternate Start concept. Experience Helgens Destruction from a viewpoint different than the Prisoners!

Permissions and credits

Alternate Perspective

A new yet familiar take on the Alternate Start concept:Rather than simply deleting & skipping the Intro, Alternate Perspective went one step further and completely rewrote it, preserving the Main Quests integrity while still offering the benefit of an Alternate Start mod to get you into a new game quickly & reliable.
Further, Alternate Perspective is easily expandable, allowing other authors to create entirely new alternate start scenarios, without having to deal with the.. painful experiences associated with the Vanilla Intro!

Another special benefit when using this mod is that, until you start the Main Quest, Helgen will be a fully functional town. Rebuild from scratch with its own Inn & Shopkeeper. Learn to know the townsfolk of Helgen ..before they all turn to dust! Making Helgens destruction a truly memorable loss, not just a mere side effect of Alduin's appearance.

Getting Started

When starting a new Game, you will be spawning in an isolated Cell resembling one of the Rooms in Helgens Inn, "The Resting Pilgrim", where you can create & customize your character to your liking. In the room, you will have access to some Items that will help you setting up whatever kind of Playthrough you got planned for your newly created Character!
Once fully equipped, talk to the little Dragon sitting on a lantern. He will offer you a variety of choices how your game is supposed to start. Select one you're interested in, then simply open the door next to him, and step into the black void gazing at you. This will begin the Intro Quest you selected.
*Alternatively, you can also use the console to 'coc' out of the starting Cell, or simply ignore the Dragon, in which case the 'Default' start will be implicitily chosen

The Main Quest

To begin the Main Quest, you want to head to Helgen's Inn and talk to the Innkeeper. Upon doing so, you will find the normal Innkeeper Dialogue and one extra Option, reading"I'd like to rent a room. (Start Intro (10 gold))",using this option will first seem like a normal bed renting - and is in fact a normal bed renting - however, the next time you sleep in Helgen's Inn, something special is going to happen...


Helgen has been fully rebuild to offer you a proper town to explore. New Pathways have been created, new NPC are living inside the unused houses and the town in general will feel much more polished, completed & alive. With Alternate Perspective, Helgen is no longer just some random landmark but an actual, living Town.. until Alduin decides to change that.
This is something the Vanilla game always failed to properly express. Helgen feels like a random place that you have no connections to. To you as the player, NPC talking about its terrible fate feels more like a nuisance and holds little to no meaning, as you never actually got to experience what Helgen was before Alduin destroyed it. The intention is to make Helgen live up to be a proper little Town with its own little (and not so little) problems, very similar to other smaller Towns that can be found throughout Skyrim - such as Riverwood or Rorikstead.

Alduin destroying it should hold a meaning; Skyrim just lost a Town and many people died, this should make a lasting impression, if only for the one shop less to fast travel to.


  • Alternate Perspective should load at thebottomof your Load-Order
  • Make sure that you have the necessary requirements installed
  • Check the Forum for common issues

For Mod-Authors

It's possible to hook into Alternate Perspective to create your own Starting Scenarios. Read the Article Section for more Information.

  • Lore Friendly?- Yes, but also no. Alternate Perspective mostly operates in a greyzone, there is very little Information on Helgen and its people. The Info that is there has been respected - with the exception that the Execution may not happen on the 17th of Last Seed, 4E 201; and the Dragonborn wont be almost executed
  • Will unvoiced Dialogue be voiced? - Yes, oncexVASynth has the necessary Voicemodels and Quality to voice all Dialogue
  • There is an empty House in Helgen, what's up with that?- Its intended to be used by Authors who wish to build something in Helgen
  • Your NPC are ugly, can I improve them?- Yes, but remember that I may edit those NPC as I add new Quests and Dialogue which will require you to patch your mod
  • Your Helgen looks ugly, can I improve it?- The Interior Cells with exception of Helgen Keep, yes. I don't recommend exterior Cells due the amount of Markers & Triggerboxes scattered everywhere around Helgen, moving or editing those can easily break the Intro


  • Incompatiblewith any mod that makes drastic changes to Helgen
  • Incompatiblewith any mod that tries to edit the Vanilla Intro
  • Incompatiblewith Touring Carriages
Alternate Perspective - Alternate Start - LE (2024)


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